Butch Jones updates injuries and more at Fall Camp presser

Butch Jones updates injuries and more at Fall Camp presser

By David Bradford for VFL Insider

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones addressed the media on Friday, where he discussed Fall Training Camp, notable injuries, and a notable change in representation.

The Vols have questions to answer at quarterback, wide receiver, defensive end, and defensive tackle. Throw into the mix all the coaching changes, and this Fall Camp might be the most competitive Butch has had to manage since arriving in Knoxville four years ago.

Say it with me: Strength and conditioning. Now almost any athlete can master lifting weights. It doesn’t mean they’ll be worth a damn on the field, but it appears that new Strength and Conditioning coach Rock Gullickson is addressing the injury problems

Read this article about Sexton from 2015. This is a bigger move than meets the eye because it’s no secret Butch is looking for a contract extension. Given Sexton’s status as a super agent, Butch will get a new contract sooner rather than later, whether it’s with Tennessee or somewhere else.

Other injured players included offensive lineman Chance Hall and defensive tackle Shy Tuttle. The offensive line has plenty of depth, so Hall’s injury isn’t a red flag, while Shuttle’s status isn’t a shocker. But the limitations placed on Kirkland and Bituli could potentially be a big deal, especially since Butch dropped his patented “double very” in front of “limited.” It’s not that Kirkland or Bituli might miss the start of the season. Butch even mentioned that Kirkand will be ready by the second week of camp, but the lack of repetitions (Butch’s favorite word) in practice could affect their performance come Sept. 4.

This is concerning because Tennessee’s defensive line certainly isn’t at 100 percent, nor does it present the same challenge that last season’s defensive line provided. During the Spring Game, the offensive line struggled in pass blocking despite the defensive line being at half strength.

This is the competition we’ve all been waiting for. But in all seriousness, Medley needs a challenge because his accuracy from long range (over 40 yards) isn’t ideal.

It’s simple Butch. There’s this thing called a log-off button. Both Facebook and Twitter have this feature. If you want to avoid the noise, don’t go where the noise is.

You can watch the full press conference here.

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