John Currie’s New Search Firm

John Currie’s New Search Firm

Tennessee fans have seen it come up every time there is a coaching search. The university hires a search firm to do the leg work of tracking down coaches that meet the criteria that suits what is needed for the whichever sport is in need of a head coach.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to a search firm if/when Butch Jones is let go, how about UT try some thing different. Let’s have a search firm PAY Tennessee to get the Vols a new head football coach.

Bare with me for a minute here.

What if Tennessee could put together a search firm that could bring a great coach in and make the fan base happy? Win-win situation right?

So here’s my idea: make the fans the search firm for the next Tennessee head coach position.

Here’s how it works:

Open Neyland Stadium up on a Saturday or Sunday. Crank up all the concession stands. Let folks tailgate. Get 102,455 to fill that amazing stadium up.

To get in though, you have to sign up and donate.

Donate what? Money.

How many articles have we seen about Jones’ buyout and questions about how much a big name coach would cost? LET THE FANS HELP OUT. Don’t leave it one or two big name donors that may or may not know what the fan base wants or desires.

Tennessee has one of the biggest stadiums in the country.

Open the doors one day. Make signups online. You have to pay a minimum of $100 to enter and participate. When you sign up, you will be asked who you think should be the next head coach. From there, you’ll be assigned a section.

Want Gruden? You are Sections A-B. Want Lane? You’ll be in Sections CC-DD. Fulmer? XX-YY.

Once in your section, you and your fellow fans that support the same potential head coach will be given 1-2 hours to collectively come up with a sales pitch on why your coach should be offered. A head representative will be chosen for each section, based on whoever paid the most to be in that section or if the section can come upon a group consensus on someone who best represents their interests.

Each potential coach’s representative will then come down to 50 yard line and present their case to John Currie and the Board of Trustees on why their coach should be offered the head coaching position should it come open soon. Currie and the BoT then decide who gave the most convincing argument. They then turn around and announced to the stadium that they are offering the winning head coach a contract as soon as possible.

Imagine the revenue Tennessee would receive from the SEC Network if they hosted and broadcasted the first ever fan-administration open air forum about a coaching search.

Seriously, think about it. 102,455 people at a MINIMUM of $100 a head. That is $10.2 million right there. At least that will cover a buyout and it is coming from fans that are willing to drop dollars and their time to come talk about the team they love. Tennessee can even donate all the proceeds to charity instead, as apparently Tennessee Football has money to spare.

Come on Currie, take a look at this farfetched idea, let the fans help out, and make your job easy. You’re welcome.

I’m ready to pay $250 to argue for either Lane or Fulmer right now. Let’s do this.


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