Tennessee’s offense is broken and no quarterback can save it
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Tennessee’s offense is broken and no quarterback can save it

You can put in Quinten Dormady, Jarrett Guarantano, or Peyton Manning in his prime. It doesn’t matter.

Nothing can save Tennessee’s offense.

For the second consecutive season, the Vols laid an absolute egg against a mediocre South Carolina team after a bye week. This time, they lost by the score of 15-9.

It was as bad as it seems, if not worse.

But remember when Butch Jones said that Tennessee had its best bye week in a very, very long time?

Clearly, that was fake news.

The Vols’ offense against South Carolina was a level beyond embarrassing. Until the final drive of the second half, it was as if Tennessee didn’t field an offense at all, continuously going 3-and-out until the defense was left in such a state of exhaustion that South Carolina’s offense was able to methodically generate whatever it pleased.

After the opening drives of the game showed immense promise for the Vols — the play calling was legitimately excellent, as Guarantano wasn’t asked to do too much — Butch Jones failed to do what he continuously fails to do: Adjust.

If he had adjusted, Guarantano wouldn’t have repeatedly remained in the pocket like a statue. Instead, the ball would’ve left Guarantano’s hands much quicker, or he would’ve used his legs a lot more.

By the way, this game isn’t on Guarantano at all. He’s clearly a better fit Tennessee’s offense than Quinten Dormady, but unfortunately for the redshirt freshman, he plays for an alleged offensive-minded coach who has failed to produce a touchdown since the UMass game.

To be fair to Jones, there was one play that should’ve been a touchdown late in the first quarter. The play design was beautiful, but John Kelly hesitated on his route just enough to miss an easy scoring opportunity.

But Jones wasn’t without his blunders. Near the end of the first half, with the Vols leading 6-3, Tennessee found itself in the red zone for the third time (Tennessee ended up making four red zone trips, with three resulting in field goals and one failing to win the game in the final seconds). After Guarantano foolishly took a sack instead of opting to throw the ball away, Jones willingly allowed a delay of game penalty despite having all of his timeouts in his back pocket.

The Vols ended up kicking a field goal, their final points of the game.

For those who wonder why Tennessee can’t seem to score points, the following play is a perfect example.

The Vols are utterly lost on offense. There’s no rhythm, no sense of direction, no identity. There are two elite talents — John Kelly and Marquez Callaway — but too often, Jones (and offensive coordinator Larry Scott) fail to distribute the wealth properly.

Luckily for the players on offense, they won’t have to aimlessly play in confusion much longer.

The Butch Jones Reality Show is about to get canceled after five seasons.

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